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Why I Am Your Favourite Food Blogger Or Not

So I have decided to be a food blogger once a week 😂 only because I ain’t that cool and also the power cuts make it next to impossible to upload content every day. You probably wondering why I will be your favourite (you can skip favourite) food blogger instead of Princess Tafadzwa or Zimbo Kitchen (i am kinda wondering that too). I won’t be as close (like very close) to being compared to these remarkable women but you will enjoy my food blog posts because:

A. We gonna burn a few dishes (maybe!)

Uhmm, I am not going to sell you dreams 😂 They will be days you or me are going to burn something because uhmm hello hot neighbor.

B. We are cooking on a budget

Like uhmm hello who is eating shrimp for dinner (send coordinates)? The only time I have had shrimp is when I had noodles for dinner and they were shrimp flavoured.

C. Not once are we going to do a diet dinner plan

I am all for eat all you want but in moderation. I am a carnivorous herbivore 😂 so expect some vegetables in most meals.

D. We are going to use Kango Pots😂🙈 Isn’t that exciting? Or should I get a clay pot?

E. I didn’t go to culinary school so expect me to write meanings of certain words for people like me who need to understand what ratatouille is.

With that said..I hope you stay for coffee

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