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#Winter ABC Day 10| Who Moved My Router?

When we got wifi in our household it was as good as Christmas in July. Telone had just moved from being the landline guys and where venturing into connecting homes to the internet. They walked door to door and I remember my mum signing up and me thinking gosh we were about to get rich people problems.

Forgive me for being too black😂 but my grandmother called our Internet modem rich people gadgets (so I kinda am going with her wisdom right now). At first it was a breeze and then they started showing up for repairs weeks later and we were never compensated for lost days sigh

If i didn’t have the internet to Google my sisters and nieces homework they probably would be thinking i am not smarter than a fourth grader 😂Let me just quickly touch on the 3As of the internet in Africa..


It’s darn expensive to use the internet at home or at the cafe. Who knew browsing Instagram would wipe out your entire data?


From my experience the internet is kinda there (almost all the time) unless you have a power cut, haven’t paid your bill or a fault


My ISP responds to faults several days later and i barely can see my usage statistics😔 which keeps me in the dark on what is using my data the most

The internet is lovely but….

Till next time ☕

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