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Blueberry My Heart: Dendairy Yogurt Review

Disclaimer: Post does not contain any fancy dishes or words you don’t kno

Blueberry Yogurt

You probably thinking what made a black woman buy Blueberry yoghurt (of all yoghurts) like I bought what now? I absolutely don’t know how I am supposed to respond to that so I am going to not respond (sorry!). I am a huge Dendairy fan (who isn’t?) so when I bumped into it during my supermarket run I was stoked. I couldn’t wait to try it out 😎

The Yays

1. The container is enticing (I know I can’t eat the container) 😂 but it’s a plus when you standing in the queue and you want to pass for a bougie human with no care in the world.
2. It’s yummy 😍 like I won’t lie to you and sell you dreams.
3. It works wonders in pancakes (recipe loading soon) and muffins
4. It’s filling
5. It’s not sweet. It doesn’t matter if you have a sweet tooth or not, it’s perfect for either.



1. I hate how after I refrigerate it, it has this watery layer on top and I have to mix it to make it look yum again.

FYI: Could be my refrigerator!

2. They were 4 blueberries in my yoghurt (Imagine that) Like what!? I was expecting maybe 10 just because they are yummy



3. It’s costly to indulge frequently

4. It’s addictive! One scoop can turn to 7 in a second and next thing you know you have finished a whole container. It’s not cool when you are on a budget.

Rating on the Taste-o-meter ⭐⭐⭐⭐

*rating is out of 5*

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