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#WinterABC Day 11|Obodo Oyinbo

I imagine you sitting on an armchair (I could be envious) staring at my letter in your hand. You resist the urge to burn it because it’s from Zimbabwe and you would rather settle on sipping your tea and grabbing another cookie (they smell so good by the way). You put on your reading glasses and take a deep sigh (you have always been good at sighing). You open my pink envelope, unfold the letter and begin to read…

Dear Nneka

I hope this letter finds you well and rested.

By the way, we all saw your glow up on Instagram (we are all on Instagram by the way) and girl, you look great. I could have googled the weather in Toronto today but my data ran out and my wallet said “Nah” so how is the weather there? I wrote this letter for three reasons only and I am going to keep it brief so you can go back to your other life.

1. To check on you! You have stopped calling or messaging. I beg my sister wo we don’t need your MONEY (I go beg wo). We are your family! We worry about you and it’s got nothing to do with your BENJAMINS.

2. You BLOCKED us on WHATSAPP and cut ties with us so we had to let you know that the cow sekuru left you was stolen 😥. We all know how you loved that cow 😭 I am sorry about Bull.

3. We heard you got married – Congratulations on your nuptials sis. But who is he? Does he go to church? When is he paying lobola (baba asked me to write this)?Are you happy? Are you coming home with him?

I hope you will write back and I promise I will always write back

Yours in the Southern part of Africa.
*To everyone that lost touch with someone in the diaspora*

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