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#WinterABC Day 12|Africa

Disclaimer : Its not Africa Day so wake up and show up for work and class.

Once upon a time I had a pen pal I adored so much. Her letters were long and funny (she pretty much made sure I understood what she was talking about). Her handwriting was enormous (if it was on a computer it would have been font size 105) she probably figured by the time her letter got to Africa it would have diminished in size (I kid). I really don’t know why she always wrote in capital letters up to know but to each his own right.

I was always fascinated with how she would send different packets of chips with her letters (you see, I was doomed from the word go when it comes to food). I figured she really liked my maputi if she blessed me with chips. Nope! She sent food letters because she figured I was hungry. In her mind I was hungry and had vultures circulating on my body ready to devour the unexpecting A (not really).

Africa is the continent my ancestors thought I belonged on πŸ˜‚ (we are yet to talk about that). God knew when he knitted me together that I was born for the sun, the rains and definitely not for beach days (hmmm then I would would have to have abs 24/7 πŸ˜‚-I kid). This is my Africa, the Africa that should be in every reading material:

1. How yummy our food is πŸ˜‹

Africa has glorious food. It was quite obvious that I would start with food but praise the heavens πŸ™ our food is yummy. Who knew I would get excited looking at sweet potatoes? Come on, sadza has that thing that makes you want more (you getting hungry? Sorry!). It’s high time we hear people bragging about their food shem. Africa show off your dishes! ✊ I wouldn’t mind reading about food everyday.

2.How beautiful our continent is.

This is going to make me sound crazy but I have been planning for a trip to Rwanda, Namibia for a while now because hmm hello have you seem those countries. From Capetown to Cairo you can have an Eat, Pray and Love journey. We are the continent to visit when you need to get away. Imagine having a faceoff with a baboon that will teach you bravery in a minute πŸ™ˆ. Imagine just reading about the places you can visit in Africa with exact coordinates.

3. How rich we are.

It’s high time we constantly hear about our own securing the bag, breaking barriers and having an account balance the size of my whole clan’s ages combined in our people’s mouth.

4.The Africa that isn’t always in a crisis.


5. Innovative Africa

We are developing apps, making life-changing discoveries and bringing innovative solutions to problems.
6. How romantic Africans are. We don’t have to quote Shakespeare right to be romantic!? We know the right things to doπŸ˜‰

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