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#WinterABC Day 13| Blogging in Africa

It’s one of those days when I have a 48 hour day and a screaming baby (and hope you didn’t miss the baby shower, I am babysitting). So we are going to make this blog post short and sweet.

Africa is home to some amazing bloggers. From fitness bloggers, food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and poets -the continent is popping. However, they are some things that make blogging suck In Africa (my own opinions) and these are:

A. Your followers or you might not have data 😥 I kid you not! We don’t all have wifi 😭 so you kinda need to wait for them to be online or for you to get data to update your blog.

B. You are only relevant by the number of likes, retweets and followers you have. You might be an expert in your field and no one will care about you till you have 4 figure followers (*sigh*)

C. Sometimes you just want to vent but you don’t want to appear like an angry African blogger. So you downplay your post or omit writing some things.

The Yays of Being A Blogger in Africa 

A. You get to show off your country.

B. You stay woke. Imagine if you are an app reviewer in Africa and you don’t keep up with trends 😱.

C. You get to see the kind of person you are. Do you care about followers? Are you stressed about following?

That’s all I got 😂 What are your thoughts aanut blogging in Africa ☕




8 thoughts on “#WinterABC Day 13| Blogging in Africa

  1. numbers for what!!!! no one else can tell your story and if you want to rant I say go for it, rage, sometimes a bit of an angry rant is needed to get your point across


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