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#WinterABC Day 14 |Inspiring people

Picture this : It’s award season and we are all dressed to the nines. I stand on the stage wearing a Muza Africa dress, Jimmy Choo black pumps and someone famous probably did my hair and I wave at Danai Gurira who is sitting on the front row and Michael B Jordan winks at me *sigh*. Beyonce probably smiles at me 😂 and I faint back to reality 😂😂…and we are back to reality.

I used to  dread those write about the person that inspires you essays in school. The first time my teacher asked me to write about an inspiring person I was in Grade 4 and the only people I knew were my teachers, Sunday school teacher , parents, grandparents and those in the wide range readers. I had a default answer when it came to those essays depending on the day.I alternated between my teacher (if I really wanted to kiss ass ), my mother( if she forgot to pack fruits for me) and Sir Edmund Hillary.

I am a little grown now and a little aware and so here are my 5 inspiring Africans that I adore to bits (they probably don’t know i exist)

Fadzai Chiwandire Moyo

In case you didn’t know i actually went to school and studied computers. So I enjoy my PHP, HTML, CSS and Java so please excuse me when I say Fadzi inspires me. Girl makes coding look so fun and stylish. She is the coder with the doek (I stan a queen). It’s so inspiring to be alive at a time when women are doing the darn thing. Maybe when I grow up 😂 I can actually code in style. In case you didn’t know the future is female coding.

Wangari Maathai

She is a noble peace prize winner come on (the first African woman to win one), let’s give her a standing ovation😊. She was the true example that when you run with your passion and fiercely stand up for something you can change the world.

Be inspired👉

Nomzamo Mbatha

The girl is doing the darn thing and staying so humble about it. Can I just say she is living my life 😂 If I was a Puma ambassador friend, I will be signing tweets “……just wearing puma” 😂, “nothing beats puma in the gym” and I would throw a little “face glow by Neutrogena”. I find her inspiring in that she doesn’t beef with anybody, she stands and shows up for what she believes in and she goes after what she wants. And girl works hard.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I love her to bits🙈 She is an author, speaker and oh my word her hair (can’t be the only one). She has never been shy to speak her truth, wear her natural mane and give us ah-mazing books. If ever I am to become famous may I still be the same (Amen)? I sometimes imagine we are in the same group chat and I  post something ridic and I see Chimamanda typing

Natalie Payida Jabangwe

Can we take a minute for my keyboard 😊 , Okay we good? I love reading about girl bosses (yep) and she is one of those badasses women that you want to be friends with. She runs the biggest mobile money service in Zimbabwe -Ecocash. Everybody knows who she is and I just want to Google my name one day and see Ancillar Lingard (Jesse you better see this) and see Chief Executive Officer of One Wallet😂 (Netone take a hint).  Imagine being headhunted and not even having to apply *I stan*


I figured I keep him on a first name basis (could be Maradona🙈 but have no(*but we don’t know* )
He mistakenly replied to my message and found himself, my mentor. He is the smartest business guy I know and despite his efforts to land me on Forbes Under 30 I still kinda screw up Growing up I was told Africans don’t help each other out. But he drops nuggets without thinking twice, advice without charging me a going rate and listens without judging (sometimes). What inspires me about him, its because he is selfless. Most people would charge you to give business advice and life hacks but not him.

This is the end ☕ Cheers to life



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