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#WinterABC Day 16| A Cry For Help

Like last October my closest friend gave birth to my godson. He was gorgeous (I kid you not) but she could barely touch him or kiss him. We all expected her to be loved up and taking selfies but nope girl was crying non-stop. She finally went to get a diagnosis and wham bam she had postpartum depression.

Two weeks ago my friend packed up, deleted her social media accounts and took a break from school and work. She had cut her hair, gotten tattoos and was distancing herself from everyone. She kept spiralling and eventually we took her to get help.

I have lost one too many friends to mental heal illnesses. I have watched my friends spiral out of control and become shells of their former self. I have stood hopelessly as they have struggled and have pushed back my tears as I hear them narrative their ordeals. I have cried in a crowded room because I too am a statistic- a person suffering from depression and anxiety.

We can no longer be silent about mental health any longer. We cannot ignore the pandemic that is ruin lives. Till when as a society will we scorn men for crying, men for being sad, people dealing with anxiety and till when will we judge mothers for having postpartum depression.

We don’t need a celebrity to come and advocate for mental health. We need survivors (the brave men and women) to come tell us their experiences. Its time as a society we looked at solutions,we opened our arms to those hurting and to those suffering in silence.

It takes one cup of tea to listen to a friend, one minute to ask how someone is doing and one second to give a hug. Mental health matters✊.

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