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#WinterABC Day 17 |3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zimbabwe

I don’t want to sound like a travel brochure you found lying around or an infomercial on TV telling you to visit Zimbabwe. I rather sound like a bubbly travel agent that wants you to go on holiday because I do want you to go on holiday. I am going to share 3 reasons why you should visit this beautiful country and hopefully, you will come through (FYI don’t forget to pass through my house for coffee).

  1. This country is so damn beautiful

Zimbabwe has some of the best, most photographed, and most beautiful places in the world. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and this photo proves why you should visit Zimbabwe better than any words I could say.

Image Credit: Zimbabwe Tourism

From the jaw-dropping Victoria Falls, modern-day Wakanda Great Zimbabwe, the highest waterfall in Zimbabwe ‘Mutarazi Falls”, the picturesque Chimanimani and Kariba Dam among others we are the ultimate destination for any type of traveler.

2. Come for the food 

Our food is known to be delicious, and you can bet it’s made by amazing cooks (also just trust me on this). I can’t tell you where you can get the best food or snack because they all seem to be on point and the good thing is, you can choose our local cuisine or you can stick to your usuals. I would highly recommend you give sadza and spicy gizzards a try.

3. Come for the animals

One time in Victoria Falls I fell for a hippo. It was yawn(hope it was a yawn) at first sight. I was drooling at the sunset and this hippo decided to show off its dental prowess and right there during the most beautiful sunset of my life it opened it’s mouth and yawned. Right there at that moment, I saw the wonder-working God. I loved it! Come and see the hippos, the lions, giraffes, baboons in the natural. One trip to Zimbabwe and it’s national parks will make you feel like you are in Eden (make sure you bring Adam/Eve).

Bonus: Come for the romance

If you happen to find love on the trip good for you. But I am talking about the great weather, the culture, and the people. Zimbabwe will woo you till you daydreaming about our beautiful sunset,the old lady at the stall that made a bracelet for you, the elephant that majestically gave you a resting bish face because it can’t be bothered. We all need an eat, pray and love kinda journey and Zimbabwe is ready for you just swipe right.

Are you ready to say YES to a visit to Zimbabwe?

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