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5 Signs You Are A Terrible Person

I was having an uneventful afternoon with my nephew. We were just doing our long division homework when he decided to stand up and go get a snack. I refused profusely because he snacks for two hours and with these power cuts nobody wants to do homework in the dark. With the strength of captain underpants, he shouted “You are a terrible person” and that birthed this blog post. Here are 5 signs you are a terrible person(please don’t take it to the heart):

1. You can’t keep a secret

Everybody knows you homies business because you are that person. You constantly tell everyone with two ears your homies business because you are that person. Your mouth can’t swallow anything-it constantly leaks information.

2. You hate puppies and kittens

Uhmm are you even okay? How can you hate such an adorable animal? Like how? How do you live with yourself?

3. You don’t pay back money borrowed

How do you even sleep at night if you owe someone money from 2005?

4. You cut the line even in front of old ladies

I saw that happen once and I am still shocked. How do you even cut the line and let the old lady stand for so long?

5. You tell your friends something is working when it’s not

This was just for fun. How can you tell if someone is a terrible person?






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