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#WinterABC Day 18| Why Don’t We Get Married?

I love to watch romcoms😊 and I ain’t ashamed to say I am a hallmark junkie. I can spend the whole day watching romcoms and snacking (obviously). Who doesn’t love stories about boy meet girl, boy likes girl, they go on a date at the park and ends with them getting married and driving off to the sunset? Not me obviously.

Getting married in the movies is so simple (like a lot simpler ) than getting married in Zimbabwe. They are so many stages involved and if we are being real and it was a movie it would be longer than Avengers. It’s not a boy meets girl always sometimes it’s girl meets a boy with two girlfriends and then it become battle of who got more game( I kid).

I am no expert at this but I should be because I am an aunt now and in 16+ years I will be sitting with a doek and eagle eyes giving my niece’s hubby a hard time 😂. I am not writing a textbook so I am gonna talk about the stages of marriage that I really want to talk about (or the one I am fascinated with).

Meeting the Tete (Aunt)

Culturally you do not do the meet the parents directly, you take your significant other to your aunt for a meet and greet. Your aunt is the one that tells your father that you want to get married and then we move to lobola. Can you imagine reigning in your crazy to impress an aunt 😂 looking for the most uncolourful shirt in your wardrobe so your girl’s aunt can take you seriously? I feel this is an important stage as you can marry your half brother unknowingly(family scandals are a thing, guys).


I am sorry you can’t skip to Vegas and get married by an Elvis impersonator like the movies (sorry). Before your Pinterest wedding board comes to life lobola has to be paid. No family is game for their jewel to two steps out of the house without lobola. Lobola is a way of saying thank you, “Thank you for my wife”, ” Thank you for raising her so well” and “dayum fam thank you for my spare rib”. It can be any amount really that you will be charged (pray for a good family or you will be shocked with the amount).

After Lobola you can start planning your wedding and if you want you can ask to start staying together 😀

What’s lobola and meeting the state if you love someone? Why don’t we get married?☕


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