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Okay, let’s be honest: We all daydream about being influencers with 2.5 million followers on Instagram here and there (especially when you finally get that filter that works ). And no one likes to admit it. After all, it’s no secret we are all looking for that perfect holiday snap (definitely not your ambuya’s kitchen kinda snap) so when I heard about ZimThrive I was curious.

I have a self-diagnosed FOMO so naturally, I had to get information. So let me drop info on Zim Thrive and sound like someone quoting a journal for their dissertation😂👉”ZimThrive is the brainchild of two Zimbabweans; USA based Mildred Munjanganja and Mike Tashaya who resides in the UK. It aims to unite Zimbabweans who live in various countries around the world, and encourage them to gather in the southern African country at the same time, with the aim of reinforcing unity, building new and old friendships, and creating a stronger and self-sufficient nation that was once the breadbasket of Africa”

Alright, forget the dissertation for a sec🙈 (apologies for wowing you ) and let’s talk about Zim Thrive. If you are like me and have followed Coachella for a while now, you know how it feels like to be at Coachella for two minutes. Yep, you read that right -we all have watched Coachella on Twitter (if data is available) so you should be excited about ZimThrive ( please don’t eye roll for now). I am kinda excited about ZimThrive because hmmm this is our version of Coachella (bring out my afro wig😂).

3 reasons why you should invite your diasporans to come through?

1. The one that got away from you might come back. Imagine this for a sec, your former flame /the one that got away from you because they were chasing green pastures. Let them know about Zim Thrive (it’s a subtle flirting move y’all).

2. You get to show off your glow up 😂 let those mean people from high school, the gossip mill catch you showcasing your trades, crafts and $ at Zim Thrive. Forbes ain’t ready for you self-made business person.

3. You get to make new friends. The Kelly to your Michelle, the Jonathan to your David.

April 2020 looks exciting! I figured I need to leave the country for a bit (maybe only on my Instagram) to stage my own homecoming with other diasporans.

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