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#WinterABC Day 21|You Said What?

This is a hard one (profusely sweating) and twenty-seven times I wanted to call it quits and delete my blog (I kid). It wasn’t easy coming up with these but oh well we eventually got to it.

1. The eldest child is the smartest.

My brother is one person that would go to the polling stations and vote against this opinion. In his opinion, the youngest one is the smartest.

2. Parents have favourites

I kid you not. My mum would move heaven and earth for my brother and for everyone else not so much.

3. Going to church does not mean you going to heaven

There I said it! Now cry and move on πŸ˜‚(sending hugs)

4. Only light-skinned people are beautiful

That’s a lie and we need to get over it ASAP

5. If you know what you like in bed you are a loose woman


What opinions are driving you insane?

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