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#WinterABC Day 24| I Am Color Blind

There is a picture of me at kindergarten on my birthday with the Bees class. You can vividly see me cutting my birthday cake with a toothless grin surrounded by 12 other kids. It’s only now as a fully grown adult that I notice that I was the only black child in my class. Back then it didn’t matter! I didn’t see colour but rather I saw people who would invite me to birthday parties and become life-long friends.

The experience would carry me to primary school. I remember people thinking I was adopted 😂😂because we carpooled with the Fredckinsons. For 7 years I was the black child that was dropped and picked by the white folks. I still didn’t see colour then and I wish we all had that naivety of a young child.

Fast forward to 2019 where we are chanting Black Lives Matter ✊. How did we get here? I am a black child from the dusty streets of Harare who likes meditating and guess what that makes me -A Coconut. I have begun to accept and own the ‘Coco’ label.

Shouldn’t we be chanting All Lives Matter? I have experienced racism North of the Samora and in a world predominantly black it’s a sad state. What are we teaching our kids? Does it matter if I am green, yellow, brown or white?

What makes a good person? If it’s the colour of the skin then I am colour blind. Like a person for who they are and not what they look like. We are only powerful together and if we all choose to ignore colour we have succeeded as humans.

Let’s make #IAmColourBlind trend ✊ (#AnciForUNWomen😂)



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