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#WinterABC Day 25| I Love You So Put Me On A Billboard

Have you ever been in a kombi with a faithful radio listener driver (like faithful to the max) and a jingle comes up and you can’t help yourself so you end up singing along? Same!. I am impressionable (when it comes to songs) so I always jump off the kombi with my song of the day. I will also take this opportunity to let you know that I shop my products based on the brand in question *please don’t judge me* but here are my favorite local brands.

  1. Dendairy 

I love Dendairy so much *sob* because hmm who else is going to make Low Fat Milk that my body actually likes *yay*.  This brand is amazing and if you don’t believe me just try their Milk and Yogurt (all of them because they are that good). You can thank me later.

2. Mr. Sauce

I promise you *laughing emoji* that Mr. Sauce has the Sauce LOL. They are one of my favorite brands because they are YUMMY with a capital Y. I don’t know what I should do to get a ‘hey, here is a hamper for you’.

3. Amandla Peanut Butter 

Nothing keeps you full than peanut butter in your soft porridge (thanks Grandma) so I like my dose of crunchy peanut butter in my soft porridge. I am working on getting some chubby cheeks LOL so I am one teaspoon full of peanut butter away.

4. Eversharp 

I am a stationery addict and I attend stationery anonymous every other day because it’s that bad. I love to write down cute things in my notebooks or at church so I need a pen that will see me through the hard days and the long winter days.

5. House of Chewa

If you like adorning your wrists with one of a kind pieces then House of Chewa is for you. They make really cute accessories in colors you want (I kid you not) and the customer service is badass.

6. Netone

I keep telling everyone (alright just myself) that I belong right up there with Madam Boss because I am funny too (right!?) but nobody listens. Can we just say they are badass? The customer service is amazing and that Night Bundle need we say more…

7. I really don’t know if they are a brand but I need to appreciate these products because they have been doing the most for me *sigh*

  • Dairiboard Pfuko- I love my Pfuko! The end.
  • Cerevita *yum yum* S/o to all my breakfast cereal lovers
  • Spuds -Crisps like no other (made locally that is)
  • Happy Sky -not a faithful user but buying local right!?

What are your favorite brands?



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