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Anci Cooks: Sour Soft Porridge

There’s nothing quicker or easier in life than soft porridge right!? , and if you throw in a bunch of bread pieces and a few drops of lemon juices, you can turn soft porridge into a delicious, satisfying breakfast in no time at all.  Unless you didn’t visit your grandmother as often as I did, you missed out on the iconic sour soft porridge.

I have always enjoyed my trips to my grandmother’s house because she always had some recipe up her sleeve. I promised that we would cook some, burn a few but we would have fun on this cooking journey, right?

Here is the recipe for the sour soft porridge :

I wish will all my heart that you do try it 


Make sure the container you use is well sealed so you don’t get cockroach surprises (yep it can happen)


I sealed with a dish towel because uhmm gogo always rolled her eyes when I did otherwise.


Hope you try it ☕💕



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