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#WinterABC Day 29| To You My Friends

Hey you, yep you reading this blog and this post *smile* thank you for passing by my house. I know your mama recited a good visitor knows when to leave countless times to you but thank you for staying through breakfast (i hope that’s how long my blog posts were the cereal part that is).

Blogs are like restaurants, you go to the one your heart fancies and thus i am grateful you chose mine because it catered to you regardless that you were vegan, gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant or a carnivorous herbivore like me. Thank you for an amazing 29/days 😘.

We brewed coffee and herbal teas, sat on the window in buses, sun basked outside with our feet up, stole moments in between work and sat through doctor appointments. It’s so hard to make friends as an adult but we became friends because we were cool people to begin with.

I hope my blog made you laugh, gave you a new perspective, inspired you and made you want to swipe right and accept this friendship (i give warm hugs -does that help?).

Thank you friend. Cheers to another million years of friendship☕💕.

With Love and all my Heart….

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