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#WinterABCDay30 |Dear AfroBloggers

I have done 30 Days do I maybe get an award or something in the form of a coffee machine, a personalized coffee cup or just a cake (*LOL*). I haven’t had my coffee yet so I am gonna keep this short and sweet. Please promise to not cry because tissues are quite costly and I wouldn’t know what to do with you afterward. Would a hug suffice though?

AfroBloggers you changed my world in a way that I can’t express (I am trying to not cry but this feels like winning a gold medal). If you hadn’t introduced me to this challenge, I wouldn’t :

a. Know my own strength. I remember waking up at 2am to make use of the night bundle so I could post something and not lag behind. Did y’all just think of Whitney’s of I Didn’t Know My Own Strength as well?

b. Have Made New Friends. I am so grateful for my new friends but should I be scared that the next challenge they might participate with me is climbing Kilimanjaro?

c. Have gotten 200 followers. I am now one step closer to become a Dove Ambassador and is that BMW calling me?LOL

AfroBloggers I love you mayn. Thank you so much.

With Love And All My Heart

Your Coffee-a-holic

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