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Girls Like Me

” Saka iwe ungabvuma kusekwa nemukomana kuti haugone ( so you are going to allow a boy to laugh at you that you don’t know)  long division ah let me teach you so you show Tatenda how it’s done”  remarked my opinionated eight-year-old niece to her friend. I tried to stop breathing so I could eavesdrop properly ( I really couldn’t help myself) LOL. Five minutes later, she was doing her best impersonation of her teacher including the scowls teaching her friend I was inspired. Is this the rise of a new generation of women? If it is, may I live long to see women that collectively work together and not against each other.

It is very rare to see a woman that shows up for another and celebrates another with dropping a bomb on what the other woman did to get there or pulling out a file from the past just to humiliate her hmmm shame on us. I joined this girl group once and they are supposed to be about female empowerment, sisterhood and y’all know I don’t swear but pardon my french it was a lot of spaghetti bolognese. Those ‘newfound’ sisters tore me down once and left me crying and didn’t consider how I felt. I broke down, to be honest, and forgave them for they come from a world that feels good when they tear down another.

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Am I still in the group? Of course! A part of me won’t leave because the David in me wants to prove Goliath can’t kill my spirit (or I am just plain crazy and haven’t found my sling and stone ).  I have a friend who will never tell you look good no matter what she always has backhand comments like “that’s a nice dress on a curvy woman”  or “that’s the hairstyle you chose? hmm” and she is done. Is this the kind of women we are? Women that will look at someone’s gorgeous outfit and swallow the compliments instead of letting them out in the universe?

Please don’t think I am saying you should love everyone because you won’t click or like everyone🙈 (David sent a man in the frontlines of battle so he could have his wife so don’t be acting holy on me now). We all have our group of friends like it should be, so shouldn’t we be happy when they succeed, when they look good and when they struggle shouldn’t we be there to lend a hand. All I am saying is sometimes if you have no beef with her don’t be hating. Pretty isn’t tearing down another human being for likes, retweets or ‘friends”.

Quote: “If someone lacked decency or respect, I didn’t allow that person to stay in      my world” Gabrielle Union

I haven’t had my coffee yet and I probably didn’t speak sense so I will leave you with a quote from one smart person (I promise it’s not me LOL).☕💕

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