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Harare North

For 21 years I have stayed in the same neighborhood and have greeted the same faces (other days they are unwashed faces). I used to love my neighborhood because the yards are huge, town is near and I grew up here. Now I just want to move to Harare North. Why you ask? Well because of these reasons?

1. Moving to Harare North is like moving to those fancy suburbs you see in the movies

I have watched my mama toil to have the perfect green lawn with gorgeous plants for someone to come steal her flowers and take a dump on her well watered lawn. That sucks right? Like seriously? Don’t people respect other people’s hustles anymore?

2. There is neighborhood watch

We always hearing stories about someone that got robbed or beaten up but still the neighborhood isn’t that moved yet. It’s our neighbourhood shouldn’t we take action.

3. Someone always says my dogs are fat why do we feed them a lot

Uhmm we should starve our dogs? Nah fam!

4. Any fault takes for ever to be addressed

I kid you not! One time it took us a whole month for us to get our internet service provider to show up.

5. The Jehovah witness surely aren’t the only friendliest people in my hood right?

I have new neighbours and I have only met the Gardner and the maid (because she buys veggies from us). The only time she said hie to my mum she needed to ask if my brother could study with her son and that was via the maid. Wow!

I might not have great reasons why Harare North seems to be the place for this Coco but surely I can maybe get a sympathetic jury to hear me out right?

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