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I Am A TEDx Alumni. So What’s Next?

I gave the shortest TEDx talk in history and you missed it. Please don’t get mad (I am sorry!) but it was the best speech I ever gave. What did I talk about you ask? I just exclaimed with the enthusiasm of a seven year old “I am in”.

Where did my TEDx talk occur? In my bedroom
Did I have an audience? Yes! Just One.

“I am in” sounds like three useless words in a horror movie after a wrong turn but to me they were 3 life changing words. One April afternoon (very boring afternoon) Upenyu called me (yep she did) and it felt like Bill Gates called me an offered me a job at Microsoft and at that moment you want to act all cool and unbothered because uhmm you that awesome. She called me and asked me to be a TEDx volunteer. Please don’t clap 🙈 I was in shock. Did I know TED? Of course I knew the teddy bear (I kid) duhhh I knew about TEDx and boy did my jaw drop to the floor? Yes of course!

I wasn’t gonna say NO, I loved TEDx and boy someone like Upenyu calling you is like Jack Dorsey asking me to design an algorithm that gives everyone a personalised signature tweet style. TEDx changed my life and I don’t mean the daily social media updates but the life changing topics.

I wasn’t ready for introspection till Henrica took to the stage and gave a heart hitting talk on #considership. Was I a considerate person? She talked about those that hoard groceries without worrying about what the next person would need or do without them and I thought to myself one time I watched a whole family grab all the garlic rolls left in TM without thinking twice about everybody else staring at them. I remembered the sekuru that offered one of two of his rolls because he noticed my deflated shoulders.

I remember Laura talking about 3D printing and me thinking dayum they are changing lives and giving amputees hope. They have set the ground work for someone to come and carry on with the work they have started. Nicola with her CATs programme showed that age wasn’t an inhibitor of what can be done in the community. I was never ready for TEDxHarare and the impact it had on me.

From the ‘homeless’ photograph that captured our city, to the comic book artist that has given us superheroes young Africans can actually read and relate to, to Priscah and Simba Mufunde who proved to me that 5 year olds were actually smarter than I was, to Memory who questioned if my nutrition affected who I became to Tariro neGitare who reignited hope in all us.

I might be starting my yoga journey soon because wellness seems to be the in thing and one can say I am stuck on Tendai’s words ” its not a coincidence I am here”. If you ever see me with a yoga mat just remember it was written all along.

I didn’t stand up on the stage with them but I was there in that room in a battlefield of the mind. Can’t you equate me with the water boy at war who after the war will say ” I fought in the war”. It’s not a lie though because he was there.

What’s Next you ask? Well its yoga for now (thanks Tendai), breakfast with Robin Sharma (books are life) and for now we wait for that Google call. I guess we can say what’s next for us is Silicon Valley, a once a year gym membership and blueberry pancakes. What’s next for you?

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