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What Makes You Happy?

It’s a beautiful Monday morning, the sun is out in all its glory (its even peeping through curtains illuminating my face) and the bird on my window sill is blurting out ‘I am every woman’. So I figured lets talk about sunshine and waffles (LOL) obviously I am kidding. So please get your pen and paper and answer this question ‘ What makes you happy?’.

Life is complicated and it can be messy. Sometimes you need to unplug and do what makes you happy. My happiness list includes watching the sun rise, watching a hallmark movie, dipping homemade biscuits in cinnamon pudding (please don’t judge😂) and taking long walks to my garden😂 with my dogs.

Things That Also Make Me Happy Include: pancakes with tons of syrup
My nieces laughter
Talking to a friend
Ice Cream
Pillow Designs

What makes you happy? Comment below lets chat👇

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