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Pepper Steak Pie Abs

The first time I ever set foot in a gym, I was knee to the floor impressed. I mean, the gym was full of real heroes pushing their bodies to perfection and the trainer was friendly but the view of ripped sinful temptation was strippers was A-MAZ-ING. I pulled an Imagine Dragons and was on top of the world me being Khaleesi duh (LOL). Of course, the sight was amazing but I felt out of place because once again my airbag was showing off our pizza pregnancy *sigh*

Social media wasn’t helping with Karma (yep she is a nasty woman) choosing to show me ripped abs, people working out for summer and getting bikini ready ( Zimbabwe has no beaches so maybe we outchea tryna get lingerie ready huh). I have decided (like it took every fiber of my body ) to start working out. I ain’t going to sweat my common sense out so don’t worry, we are going to work out at our own pace. So I have come up with 3Ms to a bangin’ summer winter spring body.

  1. Keep Movin’ – No matter how hard it gets don’t quit at all. Run your own race in your own time and get to the finish line. In this case, the finish line has toned legs, flat abs,  great arms and overall in shape body. Make yourself proud. I have decided I will start with 30 skips then progress to 50 and so on. I will keep moving even if I am behind everyone else summer body wise.
  2. Eat-in Moderation- I will never give up cinnamon rolls, swiss rolls, pepper steak pie for abs (NEVER *in Justin Bieber voice *). How will I survive without these delicacies *sad face emoji*? I am not telling you to keep eating junk food all the time (listen to your doctor)but I am a firm believer in eating what you like but in moderation. You obviously can’t have french fries and fried chicken (sorry KFC) every day come on mayn. Healthy eating can be yum yum too (trust me). I have made a resolution to eat my pepper steak pie once in two weeks coz I can so do this and thankfully the economy wants me to be healthy or vegan.
  3. Motivate your damn self _My niece every morning looks in the mirror and screams “I am smart” and “pretty” and that to me is the inspiration I need in 2019. Nobody is going to come and cheer you sweating profusely after 10 skips.🙈 You cheer yourself up boo. Write down affirmations, speak your abs into existence and imagine yourself on a beach somewhere in a bikini showing off a body for days because you know you fine.

I will obviously be updating you on my pepper steak pie abs on my Instagram. Do follow your Koffee Kween at KoffeeKweenZW

Remember: You are body goals


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