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Rudo Rwedu (Our Love)

I recently discovered that my neighbors gardener is head over heels crazy in love with our maid. It’s so cute *sigh* Hallmark would need a script for that movie. He started coming over more (at first i talked it down to his family being extreme water drinkers because they get drinking water from our house) and now we are on the gift giving phase (not flowers but masawu and butternuts). It’s so cute to be honest and he is easy on the eyes with a Samaita accent that perfectly matches his smile) He is crazy in like and she can’t stand him at all because at every chance he talks about how he made it to Form 4 than her man.

She does admit he is good looking and funny but she is quickly to tell everyone that she is taken by her Ekhaya (Village) man. “Ndoda vatema ini vanebhonzo rakagwinya” (i love the dark skinned ones with muscles for days) she says whenever i bring up the Lionel Ritchie next door.

We thoroughly enjoy eavesdropping on the lovebirds and how could we not when her phone is always on loud and her voice is amplified naturally. Just recently her Ekhaya man got a job building a house in a nearby village and with his first payment he sent her $20 to buy her favourite Mazowe (guys take notes )

Last Christmas he got a phone that goes on WhatsApp and we heard about it for a whole month. He never uses it though because he hardly has electricity but when he does he sends pictures to the queen of his heart. The pictures range from him in his white garments, herding cattle, at church in his Sunday best and our favourite is of him in a jean and t-shirt she bought for him captioned “Mukomana anodiwa hake uyu (this man is loved”.

Isn’t this love beautiful? I have been watching this love now almost love triangle with the anticipation of a Hallmark actress. Isn’t this beautiful? Loving someone simply and making each other happy without the pressure of getting expensive gifts all the time?

Do you think she will ever leave Ekhaya for Lionel Ritchie next door?

16 thoughts on “Rudo Rwedu (Our Love)

  1. Really wish to know the end of this triangle love series lol. We don’t mind you keeping us posted. Again this post promotes true love and shows that love ain’t about material things. It’s all about the matters of the heart and in love the little thing you do goes a long wag.

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