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Yanayaa Review

I am a healthy eater according to my mama because I drool at the sight of brown rice and baked broccoli (so she pretty much endorsed me) So when Facebook brought Yanayaa to my attention it was as if my ancestors were nudging me to embrace the side of me that enjoys ginger smoothies and so like Samuel I answered the call.

I did dress up because hey nobody would take me seriously if I showed up in a dress. I had to look sporty because duh in the movies only the sporty drink ginger smoothies. So I showed up with my healthy appetite as expected and it was quite packed. Smoothies seemed to be the drink of choice. It took about 5 minutes for someone to serve me and the servers knew most of the people which is great for them but a little downer for me😂

I ordered a beef wrap and had to wait for the guy to finish talking to a satisfied/unsatisfied customer(i really don’t know) but I waited for my Canaan obviously. He eventually got to my order and I was four-five seconds from high tailing because you see I am a germ-phobic ( I sanitize pretty much so when I saw he didn’t sanitize/wash his hands I was almost ready to run) but I didn’t because he could have and I might have missed it so don’t freak out.

I watched him do his thang because every expert chef needs an audience. Within a few moments, I got my order yay now imagine I am wearing glasses, a suit complete with my bow tie and have a notebook ( please don’t picture the ratatouille guy😂)for this last part 👇

      What I Loved

1. The decor ( it’s eye-catching ) like a kitchen straight outta Pinterest
2 The customer service (twice was asked if I was served)
3. The size of the wrap
4. The way the foodstuff is mixed like all the veggies brush( can I get some broccoli in there too)
5. It’s quite reasonably priced.

6. All the healthy options are available for smoothies y’all.

          The Mood Killers

1. I am being petty but well as much as they know someone isn’t I supposed to be served first because I got there first rather than homie first (I don’t know just wondering)

2. The absence of a sitting area because I love to sit down😂 and enjoy my smoothie tho (but don’t let that discourage you, friends)

3. Nobody asked if I ate onion at all (petty much huh?) but most of my family members don’t so that’s kinda important to me

Overall I think you should give Yanayaa a shot if healthy is your jam.

     Yum Meter: 7.5/10

FYI: You going to see my fancy china often (those are my ambuya’s favourite y’all)

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