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Tips For Surviving A Social Media Detox

Have you ever felt like you spend so much time on social media that you own Twitter or Instagram? You’re not the only one! I sometimes feel like I spend a lot of time on social media that I have forgotten if my dog still remembers how to play catch.

When was the last time you woke up and prayed before checking your email or WhatsApp messages? *be honest* If we being honest, I always wake up and read messages then pray (*hides*). Social media has made it hard to enjoy family dinner time (sometimes we too busy snapping Instagram worthy pictures), to talk to the good Lord because BAE sent a good morning message complete with that yummy face of theirs and so engrossed with the number of likes than enjoying the natural rays the Good Lord has provided.

How do you survive a social media detox when you are addicted to your phone?

* Stock up on books. Yep, you read that right! You need to keep busy and you can only do that when you are occupied.

* Stay busy. Remember the paint job you have always wanted to do? The vegetables you wanted to plant? This is the time to tick off some things on your bucket list.

* Visit family/friends. When were the last time you had human interaction minus snap chat filters and you cam? This is the time to visit old friends and reminiscence about good old days.

* Watch movies. We all have movies we been dying to watch but can’t seem to get to because we are too busy on the gram right? I do! So why not sign out and catch up on your movie bucket list.

*Exercise. A fit body is a healthy body.


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