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Rudo Rwedu: Extra Lesson

Rudo Rwedu is real-life love stories told to me by couples I have come to know and love. It’s not a journalist piece or a Snoopy housewife rather its a romantic metropolitan with one too many dogs and a cinnamon addiction telling these stories hoping like Father Christmas to rekindle the loving spirit.

When Tonderai joined a study group he just wanted to pass his A-Levels and make his way to the National University of Science and Technology. He never planned to fall in love or ask for extra help in calculus (mind you, he is the guy that got an A in Mathematics and an A in Further Mathematics). There was something about the way Shamie spoke, walked and her eyes glowed when she spoke that made him want extra help.

From day one he knew he wanted to be referred to as Mukomana WaShamie (Shamie’s boyfriend) so naturally, he told his sidekick (every hero has one). Calculus became his love language with Shamie and no matter how tolerant he tried he couldn’t deal with Shamie’s boyfriend.

He was knee-deep in the friend zone and in love with a girl that gave him extra lessons in calculus. His friend advised him to tell her but he would only say “angada nherera here” (can she love an orphan). He never said anything and they eventually parted ways.

He went to the National University of Science and Technology and she pursued her law degree in North Carolina. His heart never forgot the girl with the dimples that reminded him of a midsummer night, who’s touch lighted up every neuron in his body and her smile that promised rainbows after the rain.

Like any male out there, he dated a few but the heart wants what it wants right. He eventually gave up his hope of ever being with her so he then decided to be serious with Rudo. One July afternoon on a bus in London on his way to shop for an engagement ring for Rudo he sat next to the woman of his dreams.

He was dumbfounded, she was still the good looking flower he fell for. He had given up on a happy ever after so he decided to not engage and focused on his phone. “Wakazongorova nhai” (you just disappeared) she said shocking him to reality. “Uchirikundiyeuka” ( you still remember me?”) he said obviously shocked.

He missed his bus stop and spent the afternoon with Shamie. So you can pretty much figure that he never did propose but ended up married to the love of his life.

Love never forgets and no matter where you go, it will follow.

*names have been changed*

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