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#30DayHappinessChallenge | Day 1

A pinch and a yum of apple pie 😂for the new month. Is this where I say a happy new month? Happy new month then. Where have the days gone? *sigh* I am getting closer to being a grandma😂 if the days don’t stop for a minute to slow down. I am so excited about August (nope I am not engaged yet) because of the promises it holds. July wasn’t as kind as I had hoped for. It left me with a broken heart *sigh*, broke (when you are unemployed your broke is the leftover lasagna ) and alone.

I cried a lot in July and my body screamed right along with me. Last night, when my nephew asked me to stop dishing him his food because he was grown😂 that was the hardest blow. But please don’t cry, he woke up and asked me for toast because you really can’t break up with your aunt especially if you can’t use the toaster😂 It kinda was a gentle reminder that I had become so reliant on people to make me happy, to enjoy the things I love right along with me that I forgot what made me happy.

What did make me happy? If I am being honest I don’t really know anymore. So I decided that for the next 30days I was going to be happy no matter what. I kicked off my #30DayHappinessChallenge with a 4 am bubble bath. Goodness gracious me, I had to wake up super early to make it happen because electricity isn’t that polite. I enjoyed myself and it was therapeutic.


I didn’t have wine nearby so I settled for a hot chocolate, some Whitney Houston was in the background serenading me because I’m every woman 😊 while I let the water wash away my fears, insecurities and tears.

You are welcome to join me on this journey ☕

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