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Am I That Stupid?

I recently got a job offer (could be Google who knows) and I was so psyched I could finally afford to get airtime for myself and splurge on killer heels but the joy was shortlived. I sent a message to my friend letting her know how excited and disgruntled I was and she replied “KKK told you the job industry sucks, you about to join the stressed job market. Why you stupid?”. This has been my best friend of 10 years y’all, I am sure she could have figured my stupidity 10 years ago. She wasn’t happy at all it seems and I told her that I didn’t like how she called me stupid. This isn’t second grade hey, we grown-up women trying to make it in the concrete jungle. Her reply was that I am an emotional wreck and “ndongocatcher feelings”. I am quite emotional but I am sure I am not wrong? Am I? Am I so stupid for getting excited? Hit me up in the comments below

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