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Life With An Irritable Bowel

Sometimes I like to imagine that Thanos snapped me into a reality where my gut is “50 shades messed up” and my bowel movements are the sound of music. I have written to the Avengers (didn’t Captain America get the letter?) but they have yet to respond. Okay, I know you don’t have time to listen to my imagination so I am going to stop now 😂

Please allow me to reintroduce myself 😇. I am Qhawe Zulu’s wife (remember him?)- okay I am going to be serious now. My name is Ancillar and I have an irritable bowel. Gosh, I wish it was a tattoo *sigh*. I have a gut that likes to deliver flatulence, constipation and bloating on a regular.

Imagine your date is going well and he is about to lean in for a kiss then your stomach decides to belt out “Since you been gone”. Don’t imagine that! This is my reality on a regular. A sensitive gut isn’t hella attractive, and I – like so many people out there– have had one for a long time.

Nobody wants to leave a party early because they ate the wrong thing and neither does anyone like to spend a good 15 minutes on a toilet seat. I struggle in social situations and have moments when I don’t eat so as to not piss my body off. I stick to water and lactose-free yoghurt to get me through (as of late) because I just don’t want the uncomfortable feeling of being bloated.

As a foodie, this is the worst punishment on earth but as a child, I need the prayers of the elders. I have had to cut down certain foods to make me enjoy food ☹. I wish we could go back in time and appreciate the past days- days where I ate everything.

I am on a journey to discover the foods that don’t cause me bloat or flatulence. I need to get to a place of pure bliss where I am running in fields of marshmallows. I will document my journey here. If we believe we can, we can right

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