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5 Times I Wish I Was A Heiress

I sometimes have moments when I just let my mind drift to places unknown and lately that place has been an alternate reality where I am an Heiress with summer visits to Martha’s Vineyard (because I  can LOL) and a private jet ready to fuel up for my girls trip to Zanzibar. Lately, this bout of daydreaming has been brought about by things going on around and me…and in true Anci fashion I am sharing 5 things that make me wish I was an heiress

  1. When all the food I want is on TV

I refuse to be that black child that only sees dunks wings on TV or a billboard. I don’t remember a time that I actually walked into KFC (cry African child) and treated myself like who can afford that life?

2. When my minimum paying job comes with a horrible boss

Ever felt like you watched too much of the Devil Wears Prada that she jumped out of the TV and straight into your life. Can we just say Miranda Priestly is a chameleon-like how can she be male one day, female the next and undefined tomorrow?

3. When I can’t buy books I love because they then mean I have no data for a month (shucks).  

4. When the only vacation I can afford is a weekend visit to my grandmother’s house. Uhmm hello passport can you go anywhere else? Like seriously.

5. When I get to the kombis and the kombi is $4 and I have $3.

Let me have a cuppa, maybe I will feel better

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