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Prisoner 087

Orange is the new black has a sequel and I am in it! I am prisoner 087 and I am stuck here with no parole unless I can get a hotshot badass lawyer like Harvey Specter to come argue my case. You are probably thinking I killed my husband or robbed a bank but nope I did nothing of that sort. The only crimes I committed was walking into the employment agency and begging for a job (sweet-talking I mean ) the human resource manager to hire me and asking my parents if I could move out and stay on my own. I should have walked away when I had the chance to.

You would think I am having sushi and hot baths and shopping at classy bouquets but nope. I am in old overly worn threads that my parents have passed down on me (out of the goodness of their hearts) and the bag I have is borrowed.  This is Prisoner 087’s schedule every day:

03: 30: Wake up and put hot water on the stove

04:00: Bath and do Laundry

06:00: Go to the bus stop and wait for the bus

07:30 Arrive at work

08:00-5:00  Work, work, work (no lunch, no coffee break)

19: 00: Get home and cook

20:30 Wait for the boss to send a long text scolding

I live on one meal per day because my boss cannot be bothered to give me a break *sigh* and I occasionally get midnight scolding or work as well. I have lost weight and I don’t remember the last time I actually stepped back and smiled. Mental health matters right? How do I stop myself from snapping? As I type this, I am 3 seconds away from slumping on my chair with exhaustion and the day is barely over.

I wish I could tell you my name but in my mind, I am Prisoner 087.

Prisoner 087 is my fight for mental health from the stories I have heard and the experiences I have encountered. 

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