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Mental Health Matters

For many of us, anxiety and depression are as foreign as a llama in your driveway.  Like doing budgets, or pretending to not be embarrassed about buying birth control (I know you know what I mean) and helping an old woman carry her groceries to the buses. Anxiety is the thing some people use to describe their state of emotion when that cutie down the road finally asks them out for a date or when their period shows up three days late but to me, anxiety and depression are the monsters that have robbed me of my loved ones. Ever watched final destination? Yes!? No!? you could avoid death once but it would finally catch up with you because it doesn’t forget -that’s what happened to me.

I wish anxiety and depression had a light switch that would cease to work properly during load shedding (imagine that) hours so as to allow a decent human to breathe and find their bearings but it doesn’t. Till when will we pass friends, relatives, and hurting strangers because we are in denial of this problem? Who are we waiting for to show up so we can call our friends and relatives? Till when will we keep quiet and drown in our own sorrow and sadness? Who do we ask for when the world has become unbearable?

The fight for mental health is not over.

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