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I Prayed For You: Egypt of Desire

There I was, at another wedding trying so hard not to cry because as usual, I was riding solo. I didn’t even have arm vegetables forget arm candy, I was riding solo in life and solo at weddings too (how sad). I planned(I do Plan) to make my future Boaz show off this Ruth at every wedding as soon as he shows up. My feet were killing me so I decided to remove them and watch the lovebirds stare into each other’s eyes and promise each other the moon and God’s stars (the nerve of men). I sighed to nobody really and hopelessly tried to flirt with the groomsman who was eager to smile back because he was hoping to Marvin Gaye get it on. Trust me when I say Samson wasn’t passing through Delilah’s house to admire the decor y’all. What made Samson fall was what made me keep trying to maintain eye contact with the male Bathseba standing next to the groom. Gosh, he was fine. My heart knew he wanted to hit it but my punani was ablaze with romantic movies and wedding fever. He walked to me and I knew then that he was out of my league and he wasn’t the Boaz I had kneeled for. But when you are lonely and in need of cuddles and “hey babe” messages you tend to compromise and just like Jonah you don’t want to press on to Nineveh but you would rather go to Egypt and wait for Moses to save you. I should have stood up but rather my hallmark filled heart smiled the best smile only dentists can give and I said hi. Would I have to deal with the 10 plagues of desire whilst Pharoah remained stubborn to Moses or I was screwed for a while?

to be continued…

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