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I bet at one point in your life you have screamed out “Why God Why?”. I have *no lie* and lately, that’s all that has been on my lips. I have been in the Egypt of despair for 9 days but who is counting and I am out of coins for positivity. It started with my mum getting into an accident a broken friendship and a whole lotta bamboo started happening. I lost one of the most amazing opportunities life had served to me as my lemonade in a minute and I am still tryna discover. I really get Naomi, to be honest. She lost everything -her husband, her sons and her faith. Talk about a bitter woman ☹. At one point, I thought Naomi was dramatic and she couldn’t really have been that sad. I apologise, Naomi because I truly understand how it feels like to have lost everything. I have roller coaster moments currently, one moment we are high and the next we are on the ground scraping dirt and all.
Am I heartbroken? Probably
Am I Sad? Sometimes
Am I still hopeful? Yes
Do I still trust God? Yes

I guess to everything there is a season and a time. God surely cannot be done with me. How do you shut up Peninnah when she constantly wants to remind you that there isn’t help to come? Do you move to a new city like Naomi and find your people?

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