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What’s in my bag?

I have nothing but love (from a distance kind of love) for handbags. I like my handbags compatible and easy to carry around because the bigger they are, the more I carry 🙈. But anyway here is what’s in my bag:

1. Money – This is pretty obvious right!?

2. Mints

Fresh breath always 😂 you don’t want to be smiling at people with breath that smells like the bottom of a skunk.

3. Pads

Better be ready for that sneaky Aunty

4. Wipes

Just because I like the smell of wipes 😂 or its just my wipes

5. Hand lotion

Boo thang, I ain’t married so I ain’t about to get a dude person check out my hands to see dry hands.

5. Lip stuff

Dry lips are unattractive always. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk

6. Planner

I write down everything y’all. From recipes to instructions 🙈 and I plan extremely well so let’s write it down

7. Earphones

My friends like VNs so I am forced to walk around with a pair.

8. Tissue

You don’t know struggle till you have to pee and the Jane has no toilet paper. Be ready!

9. Pens

If you see a green pen somewhere its mine. I am a stationery addict and I like to be able to write stuff in colour (so not growing up in that area *laugh out loud*)

10. A pair of sandals

I have fat chubby feet that like to do a *Shawty get loose* 😂 It’s too hot to be stuck in pumps sometimes.

11. Hand Sanitizer

I am a germophobic. I sanitize all the time 🙈

12. Spray

I am telling you, I am yet to use mine but I carry it.

13. Phone and Charger

Uhmmm like yeah

What’s in your handbag?

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