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Babe Cave Essentials

I have a confession and I promise it’s good. …

So I  have been daydreaming about my babe cave. Yep like my own cave, like who doesn’t want to have their own space ( can I see hands?)

So in my thinking and Pinterest pinning moments, I came up with the essentials everyone needs in their first apartment/babe cave/cottage.

Can I just say moving out is a scam because everything is so costly and you can’t really leave your mama’s house with your childhood bed ( *gasp*)

Anyways here is my essential list like I could be wrong:

1. Bed and Bedding

I will rather be broke for months with a decent bed and pillows. I work hard so I should enjoy sleeping lol.

2. Cleaning supplies

I am germ-phobic so doing dishes, laundry etc is my thang. I do complain about dishes but I will still do them.

3. Toilet Paper

Who doesn’t take a dump? Like seriously! So respeck the behind 😂👌also don’t forget your bathroom essentials.

4. Kitchenware

Nobody expects you to have a microwave if you can’t afford it. But you need a gas stove, pots, spoons etc. A decent number just enough to get you by till your next blessing.

5. Food

Lik,e get food you actually EAT and know how to cook.

If you have money left you can even get a small table hey.

What would you get for your first apartment?




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