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I Found Aladdin’s Lamp But There Was No Genie

It’s been a minute right!? Did you miss me? Can I see hands? LOL. So on my blogging sabbatical I found Aladdin’s lamp with the Marauders Map (how hilarious).In case you are wondering, the lamp was a fancy  shiny silver Kango lamp and the genie was missing. Did anyone see a bearded man with no legs hovering around?  He is probably blue, larger than life and he thinks he is funny. Anyways……

When I was a child, I really wanted to find Aladdin’s lamp and wish to be an adult so I could buy my own house and buy Nandos every day. Now that I am an adult,I wish I could find that cave and return this darn lamp. It’s crazy but imagine not wishing for anything but growing at the speed of a chameleon. I would do that because growing is a scam that I fell for and if it was a relationship we would have broken up way back with no remorse.

I barely can afford to shop for new threads every week because the money in my account is enough for an apple and if I am lucky a banana. Can we start a support group for all those that went looking for the lamp and failed? Adulting is hard and scary and it’s totally normal to pinch yourself and wish to be a toddler.

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