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I Don’t Regret My Past Skin Care Routine.But Here’s What I Do Differently.

Dear friends, first of all – I can’t believe my last blog post was last week. Have I aged tremendously in less than a year (Like seriously how did I go from hot twenty something cappuccino to ninety five year old black tea just like that ?)? But I’m sure I am kinda back to my groove LOL . News around the block is that I am Miss Green Fingers (shhh) and since I love natural and organic food I have decided to feed my skin ‘organic food’ just because I am the green diggity LOL. Because I always overshare *smile* you pretty guaranteed a front row seat to my journey towards clear glowing cocoa butter black koffee flawless skin. FYI: just for control follow me on Instagram at koffeekweenzw so you don’t miss out on this quest.

For Cleansers:

I use honey because it gives me that glow (you heard me) and it also heals my face and all those scars that have been taking residence on my face without paying a single cent uhmm disrespect much?). I just don’t like how my face is all sticky afterwards.


  1. Massage a reasonably sized amount of cleanser into dry skin (or damp if using honey) for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Wet a wash cloth with warm water/hot (but I prefer warm) and place the cloth over your face, letting the steam open your pores for about a minute.
  3. Gently wipe your skin to remove any remaining cleanser


AM | : cleanse with honey

: tone with vinegar

: moisturize with  Bramley Tissue Oil

PM |

To be honest I get home to the dark (thanks electricity) and very tired.  So I basically just wash my face with my black soap and moisturize with tissue oil (I like it’s smell though) but could use some Neutrogena LOL.

What’s your face-care routine ? Share yours in the comments below.


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