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All The Ridiculous Things I Did To Lose Belly Fat

Someone ring the alarm, we are just a day away from November.  I skipped hot girl summer (did I?) and allowed myself to indulge in 2 caramel doughnuts (all right you caught me,six) . I even forgot to switch my sun of a bun burger cravings for carrot sticks. But before you shake your head in agreement and raise your hands with the yasss sis snap please don’t go on a 24 hour fasting binge to lose belly fat because that doesn’t work. I have tried almost everything to lose the pooch and just like always I am getting candid about all the ridiculous things I did to lose the belly.

  1. Eat only twice a day 

I seriously don’t know why I did that but well I was done with the pooch but it didn’t work. I was always hungry and weak (*hides face*) because I was deriving myself of food (I am such a foodie laugh away).

2.  Go on a veggie, water and meat diet

Laugh out loud *laughs*. My mother was 2 steps away from dialing a therapist because it was so ridiculous.

3.  Gain weight 

I figured if I gained weight my tummy wouldn’t be that visible *oh boy*

4. Do yoga as a form of acceptance 

I figured thoughts were power and thus if I accepted my tummy things will be well but nah boo.

I can safely tell you that my pooch like Sam Smith is belting out Stay with me lol but like Adele we turning tables on it.

What ridiculous thing have you done to lose the pooch?

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