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Dear John

Dear John

You were not kidding when you said we will always have memories of laughter shared, books read, tv shows watched and jokes shared.

But, you will always have your words, songs, and appropriate life-sized memes.

Me, I will always have the countless messages we shared together.

I wish I had been there to say goodbye! To hold your hand one last time, to reassure you that I was gonna be okay. That no matter what, the sun would come to show up. I miss you dearly and I guess that’s not the norm for a Dear John letter but who cares. Dear John was your favorite movie and thus I had to put the R in respect.

Do you ever look down on us and see how we are faring. Who will teach my kids to ride a bicycle, sing a decent note and we will wake me up with ‘hey Mama’ now that we have reached the end of the road. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? I miss you terribly.

I picked up the phone to call you yesterday to let you know the Springboks won the rugby world cup. But you were not on the other side. They told me that it would get easier but you were my family. I wish you would come back for a second and scold me one last time and promise to paint my office pink.

Will you write about us there? What do I show my kids then? You were going to be the fun Uncle they would love but you went too soon.

We had the longest ride and this ride isn’t over …


Your Starlight


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