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I Ain’t Usher But Let It Burn

Happy Monday! My dog chewed my shoes again.I’ll give you a second to act like you care. Okay, great. So I didn’t wake up to sit cross-legged on the floor in my pajamas to write a blog post about my dog chewing my shoes *LOL*.  I woke up, stretched and cried. In case you missed that humungous billboard on Park lane *smile*- I am a crier.  I cry when I am happy, sad, overwhelmed, watching a sad movie and when I laugh so hard (this probably happens once a year at Christmas).

So this is what happened…

I woke up early (hmm don’t start ululating, I wasn’t working out) to do some cleaning and there I was taking out the trash when my phone beeped. It wasn’t some coded message like “the package is on route” but rather it read “A tongue has no bones but it can break a heart”.Excuse me not for being excited because I know I am guilty. I have never been one of those cool people that can shake off words people say to them and I have also been that one that has to spit out words I wish I could take back (though I mended all the fences, it still lingers a bit)

I enjoy taking out the trash because I don’t like looking at trash *laugh* but I have never been one to let go of words said to me.  I have carried them around like battle scars and claimed them in the baggage claim when I could have easily dropped them in the trash. Words have shaped my life in the worst way possible.

” I was told I wasn’t pretty”

Result: I rarely take pictures at all because in my mind a Tarantula is staring back at me

” I was told I was the worst businesswoman on the planet”

Result: I stopped trying to grow my business

There has been a lot name-calling to from con to angry woman the list is endless. Words have defined me and the pain has stuck around. Words hurt and they shouldn’t be thrown around like confetti unless they are sweet like honey.

Heal from the words and don’t let them define you. Let us burn those words that hurt us…anyways anyone wants coffee?



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