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A Smile For Christmas

I wish I was a cliche rom-com! I would make a wish under the stars for a prince and a new life and bam I would wake up the next morning a princess😂 But I am just a Ginger belle under the southern African sun wishing for a smile for Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is a perfect smile. Wouldn’t I just love to have a Christmas shoot in my Hallmark sweater? I would love that but I can’t!

I hate my smile and I hate pictures. Sometimes when I decide to take a selfie, I make sure I ain’t smiling. My dentist said after several procedures I should be good to start waiting for my jaw to realign again. If I am not getting a tooth filling, I am pretty much worrying why my tooth gap seems to be increasing.


As I write this, I am on my way to the dentist to see about getting a tooth filling. With every visit and every rising cost, I am losing hope. It’s hard to be hopeful when your dentist seems unhopeful 😞 and oh well.

I have always wanted that fairytale wedding and those drool-worthy wedding pictures but at this rate, I would rather settle for a court wedding and honeymoon pictures no one will ever see because if I do get married I don’t want the husbae to be subjected to taunts.

One pretty woman once said, “I look much better when I am not smiling”…and that hit hard. I also fell for a guy who hated my smile because it didn’t go with his image *sigh*. I am looking for a little normalcy in my rom-com because All I want for Christmas is a smile or should I wish for blueberry pie?

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