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A pinch and a punch for the new month loves…

So I am a few hours late and a dollar short but let’s do it. I can’t pick a favourite movie because I had tons 😂 so I decided to simplify it for you and me *smile*

Best tear-inducer: Five feet apart

I cried and so did everyone that watched it after I recommended (*sorry*). It was a lovely movie that  tugged all the heartstrings.

Best shocker: Avengers:EndGame

I am still mad y’all – like did Iron Man have to die. Couldn’t it be anyone like just Thanos? Oh sticks!But it was still a great movie.

Best LOL – Secret life of pets 2

If you haven’t watched it hmmm you probably should find it.

Best faith-based: Breakthrough

It’s such a incredible movie and the soundtrack is LIT

What was your favorite movie of the year?

9 thoughts on “#BOTY2019:Movie

  1. From your list I only watched 2 movies; Endgame and the secret life of pets lol……
    Probably would not intentionally watch a tearjerker and someone trying to get me to watch breakthrough but ZESA is hating

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