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#BOTY2019: Experience

My mouth needs grace as it has always said what the heart wants. It’s not a secret that I love kids (who doesn’t) so when Aunt Flo visits it’s one of those days when I am the most broody and can you blame me. So the universe decided to humble me to wait for my time by making me an instant mom.

I found myself the mom of a six-month-old baby and nobody sent me the memo new parents have. I was scared to hold the baby and those sleepless nights (just 2 nights but still). She cried constantly and stared into my eyes a lot (the good kind) and we were lucky if we got in 3 hours’ sleep.

I depleted 3G in a day googling all the safety precautions to take if you have a baby, kept the dogs far away from the baby as I could and did an online first aid course for babies *smile*. I was sanitizing a quarter to losing it because the baby wasn’t ABOUT to fall sick on my watch. When I said I do to being a godmother I never anticipated that six months down the line I would be an instant mom.

Can I say we survived the weekend and she is back with her parents and I am still crazy about my little fairy?

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