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#BOTY2019: Meal

Oh, guys you know I love my food yah(yes/no)  and trying to think about what I ate in 2019 that was memorable will be hard. I rarely went out this year because adulting is a scam and work took all my time but I did have a memorable dish when I visited the gogo.

Unfortunately, my phone has fallen into the hands of the grinch so I can’t show you pictures yet but I found what exactly shows what I ate so you understand me.

Favorite meal of 2019: Sadza rezviyo(millet) and Spicy Blackjack with roasted chicken.

Image result for blackjack vegetable
blackjack picture by zimbokitchen

Please pray that Santa brings me a phone because in 2020 we mean business image-wise (LOL)

What meal would you eat again in 2020?

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