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Throwing Shade On My Habits

Oh goodness, this feels more like a rant than a blog post or is it an opening line to a very cool memoir *smile*. But anyways this is everything I thought I would do but didn’t.

  1. Save money for a new phone

I did try to save like a lot *sigh* but then I always passed through the Bakery and I couldn’t help salivating and buying a Danish or two and is that pepper steak pie?

2. Join a gym

The will was there but the wallet was not having none of those fitness goals *LOL*

3. Going on vacation

The only vacation I went to was to the icecream parlour *LOL* so 2020 is gonna be lit. I will be dropping TravelGram worthy pictures.

4. Reading my bible

I didn’t get to read my bible constantly as I thought I would do this year (isn’t that crazy?)

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