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#BOTY2019: Purchase

If I haven’t actually bought the thing does that count? Well my biggest purchase is going to be a typewriter *smile*

Please don’t laugh (okay we can laugh) but I am working on getting a typewriter to fulfill my writer fantasy. I do imagine myself with a typewriter, a cup of rooibos, a sweater that is written “sebenza girl” and a puppy.

Can I get a YASS girl in the comments (thanks)…Also, would you buy my cookbook

7 thoughts on “#BOTY2019: Purchase

  1. YASS girl….. seize your typewriter

    I would almost be jealous but my aunt had a manual typewriter when I was growing up, I remember it made a whole lotta noise clanking around when you hit the keys and the ping sound it made when you shifted the scroll thingie to reset the typing bar back to the beginning of the next sentence not to mention the smell of oil and ink and the ink-stained hands when you changed the ribbon …..

    Yeah keep your typewriter, I liked it better when she upgraded and got an electronic typewriter which kinder looked like an old computer but without the monitor…..

    ….and now what I really really want is a laptop with a whole lot of battery power and a keyboard with backlit keyboard because I really dont know the keyboard as well as I would like and its difficult to write at night when I cant see the keys and have to angle my screen downwards so some light can shine on the keys… I know right …
    good luck with your purchase

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