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#BOTY2019: Lesson Learnt

It’s Friday the 13th and I am expected to be serious  (really?)  In a sentence or two can I just say this is the most appropriate day to talk about lessons because of this morning I spilled my coffee on my white top, stepped on the dog, missed the bus and other mishaps. But nevertheless, we showed up, laughed through it and had a blast. So 2019 I learned a few lessons because well it was quite a year.

  1. Not everyone will think you are awesome! Like seriously. Some people will feel like you are full of dog crap so keep it moving.
  2. You need to save money because one day it’s gonna rain and you gonna need an umbrella.
  3. Being nice can take you places.
  4. God is faithful all the time.
  5. Ginger tastes so good in everything.

What did you learn in 2019?

2 thoughts on “#BOTY2019: Lesson Learnt

  1. You day sounds like it started off like that of a character from a story I wrote…..

    Did you wash the dog or somewhere out there is a coffee spill stained canine?

    PS I kinda like ginger tea


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