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#BOTY2019: App

I am an app addict guys! Can google just hire me already? Anyways here are my favorite 2019 apps:

  1. Grammarly

Without it, my blog would be a curious case of errors. I LOVE this app my darlings. I would recommend it to everyone.

2. Eve

My period creeps on me tho so this app might be 80% reliable but I still love it. It’s an amazing BFF for that time of the month.

3. Bible

I love my bible. I can do what it says I can do..let’s slay the goliaths y’all.

What was your favorite app of 2019?

2 thoughts on “#BOTY2019: App

  1. Grammarly rocks; though sometimes we exist in a state of constant disagreement as it seems to not care for my sentence construction and I don’t care for its suggestions and I suspect it just gives me those red squiggly lines for no reason….

    But yeah it does catch them typos 😅😅😅 am not infallible 😂



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